Yogic Philosophy: Nourishing the roots of your practice

What can we do to ensure that our yoga practice brings us towards peace, presence, and harmony? How does meditation happen? How can we connect with purpose in our lives?

The intention of this workshop is to explore the connection of our yoga practice with the timeless philosophy of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Going beyond the limitations of intellectual understanding, participants will move through various physical and mental exercises as we learn to embody the virtues of philosophy within the reality of life.

This three week course is for anyone who wishes to go deeper in their yoga practice, and for those looking to bring more clarity and joy into their daily life. Open to people with all levels of experience.


Matthew Yap (Nada), graduate of 500hrs teacher training in Yoga Gita (India) and teacher at Home of Yoga has been actively learning about yoga and meditation for over ten years. He has learnt from gurus and ashrams in India and around the world, seeking to translate this ancient tradition for people of the Western World. Most recently, he has studied alignment-based yoga with Sam Weinstein at the Home of Yoga for the past two years. A scientist by profession, Matthew hopes to share the joy and knowledge that he has gained from his journey in a way that is accessible for people with everyday lives


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