Parent & Baby Yoga, Community & Support - 19th Feb.

New 6 week Term commencing for ‘Parent & Baby Yoga Community & Support’  February 19th 2020

We are a yoga class and a whole lot more. Yoga is the glue that brings us together. Meet a unique community of parents. We have been going now for 30 years and have lots of experience to share with you.

Our basic intention is to support you in creating a loving peaceful family and to take care of yourself in the process. We are the original baby yoga centre in Perth and our goal is to combine yoga with attachment parenting support.

Our classes combine restorative yoga to care for your back and hips with de-stress yoga and mindful yoga to care for your mental health and overall well-being. Each class begins with a General yoga segment where we focus on strength and flexibility. We give you lots of support to create a regular program of yoga to keep you healthy and balanced. We go with what works baby-wearing yoga or babies resting by our side. And if you need to sit and breastfeed or rest all is good.

We are also focused on the babies with baby yoga, singing, rhythm, infant massage and loving touch. We support you with resources on attachment parenting and breastfeeding support, baby-wearing, mental health and wellness.

Our classes are lots of fun, we sing, dance, share and support each other on our journey to create a mindful home. We are a Mindfulness Based Attachment Parenting support group and find playful ways to explore and experience mindfulness as an essential skill to bring balance and affirm wellness in our lives.

Good old fashioned community and lots of fun! Make new friends. Research conducted through our centre demonstrated that many still have 3 or 4 friends from our classes ten year later. We aim to facilitate Contemporary Extended Family Networks because it “Takes a Village to Raise a Child”.


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