Heart Place – Meditation Day - 19th January

Our January Meditation day will include 4 simple meditations to take away. You will receive a meditation card and information on each to take home with you.

Each practice is deeply transformative and will support you to set your compass home around your daily routine in the year to come. Daily practice will connect and attune you giving more room to hold space for the ups and downs of the day and feel more stability within.

You may already be practicing or have experience with the following practices yet sharing as a community will deepen and I hope inspire you to recreate a habit of practice in your day. Or simply be an opportunity for community sharing, to reflect and share.

Our three practices will be:
*Wishing Well – Metta  *Gacchami’s   *Directional meditation: Gratefulness  * I AM -Loving Awareness

We will also practice :

*Heart Flow Yoga with simple Chants & Mudras

*Nadabrahma Humming Meditation: very healing and attuning.

* Unfolding Spiral Practice:
Sydel will facilitate a gentle, guided mindfulness journey that will include sufi dancing, mindful sitting and laying. We will move spontaneously with the feel of the moment. This will be a journey of the heart, light, love and finding ground, refuge with the earth.

“…whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should…”

* There will be space and time for setting intentions that maybe expressed in words or drawing. Paper and pencils provided.

All Welcome.

Our  Intention is to create a space for connecting with hope and finding ground. For affirming a healing relationship with self, each other and nature.

I look forward to sharing
Love and light Sydel

Home of Yoga – The space is very cool on a hot day and has a beautiful silence.
January 19th 10am-1pm
$65/$45 concession
All welcome if economy is a barrier
Email sydel@homeofyoga.com


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