6 Week ‘Essentials for Beginners’ Course
– incl. 15 optional classes weekly

every Wednesday 5.30 pm 

FOR $95*

*Places limited to ensure individual attention




We highly recommend if you are new to yoga or wanting to refresh on the foundations of yoga practice enrolling into our 6-week beginners course. Not only is it a great deal, you receive mentoring in Transformational Alignment Based Yoga (T.A.B.Y) and step by step guidance that will be of ongoing value for your yoga journey in the years ahead.

Transformational Alignment Based YOGA is essentially Hatha Yoga where you learn the benefits of alignment detail, postural alignment and finding your own unique alignment, as no two persons are the same.

By understanding alignment and the concept of only going to your edge in all the postures you will be less likely to stress the body in poses before it is ready. No pose is worth an injury and alignment is one way to prevent injury. You learn how to use yoga props as appropriate, blocks, bolsters, blankets and belts to support.

We begin with an introductory understanding of the unity of Yoga and 8 limbs of Yoga. The focus of this training is on the physical asana and new poses are introduced each week moving you through the full circle of poses: standing poses, forward bends, back bends and inversions.

Our teachers and course facilitator are available for mentoring, questions and support and we email resources to you weekly.

In TABY our attention is on how we come into the pose, hold the pose and release from the pose. An essential aspect of the practice is the integration of the mindfulness qualities of acceptance, loving awareness, kindness and friendliness. You will come to a deeper space in the poses and learn how to move from stress to relaxation response with calm heart and soft belly. 

We practice awareness of breath and introduce you to pranayama yogic breathing techniques that balance the nervous system opening the door to meditation. Each class you will learn a mudra (hand gesture) and chant to deepen your practice. Most of all we hope that you will discover that yoga can be a fun and transformational adventure. As our founding mentor and his mentor before him loved to say “BE total” and “ Love Yourself” the rest will follow. 

As a bonus you have access to our all yoga classes on our timetable so as too encourage you to get to know our team of teachers and establish a sense of routine for ongoing practice.

*This course was created by our beloved mentor Sam Weinstein in partnership with Sydel Weinstein.

  • BASED ON T.A.b.y

Transformational Alignment Based Yoga) is an excellent foundation for new students to yoga. T.A.B.Y supports students to develop understanding of the benefits of alignment, sequencing and longer timings. Students are always encouraged only go to their edge, to practice deep listening and attuning to their bodies opening the door to the mindful heart of Yoga.


The process of befriending our bodies and stress physiology is a core component of yoga practice. We take our time and move at a pace that is right for us. Loving attending is the key, practicing acceptance and non-judgemental awareness.

Yoga practice helps us to regulate our breath, heart and brain waves coming into a deeper coherence and healing. Hence yoga is good for both our physical and mental health inseparably.


Yoga is a powerful tool for facilitating wellness. When we practice loving attention, balancing of effort and ease and sensing of our own inner alignment we discover the natural flow of our breath, our life energy and own healing potential.


Clear instructions of the details of a pose are given with the understanding that there are many ways to learn. With patience and compassion we come to a view that  “Yoga cannot be rushed” B.K.S. Iyengar.  We understand this as an inherent beauty in the practice of yoga and Yoga becomes a lifetime journey.


While there is a commonality in alignment and form that we all share. It is by attuning to our uniqueness that we come to sense of our inner aligning rather that an imposed idea of how our body should be. We deepen into acceptance and connection to our inner landscape as well as discovering stability of form and our relationship to the ground and environment around us.

  • your edge

Our motto is “no goal’s only go to your edge”. The edge is at the beginning of the stretch, we never force or push. ‘Efforting’ is where the mind takes over and where injury is more likely to happen. If your not sure our teachers are here to guide you.

When you are before your edge you become easily distracted more likely to go to automatic thinking. When you push past your edge you tighten, contract, struggle happens.

The edge brings your total attention to the present moment. You are fully engaged, listening, feeling, the natural rhythm of the breath guides you, effort and ease come into balance and flow happens. Advanced pose or beginning is unimportant, you are where you need to be, “acceptance is transcendence”.


Props are used as needed to support you with alignment, comfort and accessibility of poses. We use a variety of props including blankets, belts, bolsters balls, chairs, and crates. Props are particularly utilised in our restorative yoga poses supporting you to be at ease and experience deep rest.

  • inversions

A significant proportion of yoga benefits come from inversions that are vital part of the full circle of our practice. Inversions can be practiced in many ways from the use of props supporting you to be at a gentle inclination to legs up on the wall.

Where appropriate in our classes’ students learn alignment details for headstands, shoulder stands and a variety of inversion poses. Any pose where the head is below the heart is an inversion. We practice within a ‘zone of safety’ to the unique needs of each body being.


In Patanjali’s ‘Yoga Sutras’ there are Eight Limbs of Yoga. Asanam or yoga poses are the Third Limb.
Sthira can be understood as being steady, stable, grounded and Sukham as comfortable, light and at ease.

When we balance the two we create the space for meditation


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